March 28/2018
    - Power Broker to integrate My Proof of Insurance eDelivery

June 26/2017
    - Any brokerages that receive download from Economical must be running Mastercom Version 9.3 (Link below)

June 12/2017
    - CSIO has updated their downloading standards. For more details, click here.

April 7/2017
    - If Brokerages would like to start downloading Commercial eDoc's with Optimum Insurance Companies, brokerages must first download and install the latest copy of Mastercom from (Version 8.17)

March 13/2017
    - Changes to Power Broker log in screen - Users are now prompt to input their User ID Code and Password. In case the User was not sure of their User ID, they can check under Tables tab - User Security Codes. Any users with 3 or more characters for their User ID will only need to enter the first two characters.

February 8/2017
    - Enhancement to enable editing of Branch Code on Direct Bill Mainteneance screen. Due next release.

January 27/2017   
    - Error 1104 - CLICK HERE for resolution.  This error will typically generate by moving your Power Broker software to a newly updated server or operating system.

January 24/2017
    - Customer and Prospect list #1 (Extended 5 lines) will now show the second email address, referred by, and referred by date. Due next release.
    - Abeyance home screen 9 user definable 'Hot' buttons. User will be able to further define which abeyance/note types they filter on.

January 19/2017
    - New CSIO Commercial Automobile application, now 9 detailed pages instead of 5. Due next release.